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Welcome to Pangea 9

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.::Welcome to Pangea pt. 9 – Crystallized Minds::.
May 13th – 15th
Appalachian Mountains

Pangea Productions and Pure Perception Records would like to invite you to join us deep in the Appalachian Mountains for the chance to hear a selection of rare gems and precious stones.

The music will feature a full range of sound, including Psy-Trance, Progressive, Techno, Minimal, House, DnB, and Dub.
A beautiful environment combined with 48 hours of mind blowing music.

Over the years Pangea has become known as one of the finer intimate psychedelic and spiritual gatherings in the southeast. We work hard each year to bring you the best in all forms of underground psychedelic music from all regions in this land and abroad, while keeping a focus on Consciousness and Enlightenment. This year will be no different as we explore new sounds from a wide range of artist and musicians, as well as create a space for learning and spreading knowledge openly.

To Purchase tickets, visit:

Single Tickets:
(January – $60 – Finished)
(February – $65 – Finished)
March – April – $70 <
May – $80

Groups of 4:
April – $240 < $60 each
May – $260

Check our website regularly for updated event info:



Festival Compilation is now available!

1. Mesa – Interstellar People Mover
2. Klaws – Drifting
3. red.tree & soulForm – Center of Ascension
4. Zentrix – Controlled Demolition
5. Gaspard – Spaced remix
6. Labyr1nth – Geometree
7. Labyr1nth – Source Energy live mix
8. PulseWave – Spaceman
9. Primitive Tools – Stereophils

Pure Perception Records is very honored to present this premium hand-picked compilation, as a sampling of the gifted artists joining us this year for Welcome to Pangea pt. 9 – Crystallized Minds.

True to the heart of this festival, this collection brings together a full range of unique underground sounds sure to wet your ears for this special weekend to come. Everything from Minimal, Techno, Progressive, Progressive Psy, Psy Trance, and Neo Goa.



Line up:

Gaspard (Geneva, Switzerland)
Daegon aka Chad Kaska (Berlin, Germany)
Zentrix (Montreal, Canada)
Labyr1nth (Denver, CO)
Brandon Adams (New York, NY)
Visions aka Kri & Intrinsic (Asheville, NC)
Mesa (Atlanta, GA)
Random Bradley (New York, NY)
Deep Technicians (Atlanta, GA)
DJ Demi (Miami, FL)
Lessnoise (Atlanta, GA)
soulForm (Asheville, NC)
PulseWave (Asheville, NC)
Treffen (Atlanta, GA)
In Plain Sight (Asheville, NC)
Dee M.F. (Asheville, NC)
Spice Rapture (Asheville, NC)
Krista (Asheville, NC)
SpaghettiMan (Asheville, NC)
Gabe Real (Asheville, NC)
XB (Athens, GA)
Crux (Asheville, NC)
Selector Cleofus (Asheville, NC)
Goadream (Greenville, NC)
OSO (Athens, GA)
Ju^2 (Atlanta, GA)
CollectiveONE (Asheville, NC)
Intrinsic (Asheville, NC)
Sanguine Mandragoa (Raleigh, NC)
DRaigosa (Greenville, SC)
Klaws (Greenville, SC)
Kameleon (Miami, FL)



NO Dogs.

No secondary sound systems (including cars).

Rain or Shine – We have a very large tent to cover the dancefloor. Come prepared for any weather. Storms can pop up at anytime in May.

Bring all the supplies you need for 2 nights and 3 days, food, water, toiletries, proper clothing. You can stay at the site for additional nights but there is a fee per night.

No Re-Entry at All. Bring everything you will need for the entire event.

No Narcotics or Bad Vibes

All alcohol must be in cups at all times. Although alcohol consumption is discouraged.

In order to cut back on excess trash please bring washable/reusable plates, cups, and utensils. Please help keep the paper and plastic to a minimum.

Respect the Land! Leave No Trace. Please clean up your area before you leave.

There is a river by the venue so bring something to swim.
Also an inner tube:)

Camping is on a first come first serve basis.
Some sites having power and water hook ups.

There is also warm showers on site.

No Re-Entry at All.


Interested in vending, giving a lecture/workshop, or doing live art?
Please contact us.
email: welcome@pureperceptionrecords.org


Distance from:

Atlanta: 168 miles
Charlotte: 138 miles
Asheville: 60 miles
Knoxville: 165 miles
Greenville: 45 miles
Charleston: 282 miles
Miami: 780 miles
New York: 730 miles


Line up:


Gaspard – (Peak Records, Sangoma Records) – Geneva Switzerland

Gaspard is older than the internet! His musical journey started with punk and metal, both of which remain predominant forces in his life.He first stumbled upon electronic music back in the early ‘90s, when Eat Static blew his mind at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. From that moment the “psy switch” was flicked on and there was no looking back! He started dj-ing in 1996, and the rest is well…history..In 2003, Peak Records was born, co-founded by Gaspard and friends Ajja S.F.Leu, Tanina Munchkina and Master Margherita. Gaspard compiled 7 of the label’s 9 Psy Trance compilations, in what has been described as ‘Swiss anti-cheese psychedelic style’!In 2004 Ajja and Gaspard teamed up to form YabYum. Their first album “Nocturnal Emissions” (2006) is still a favourite with many-a freak. Their tracks are in constant demand with releases on international labels across the globe. The duo have recently revitalized the project and are set to build on their already sterling reputation.In 2010, after a brief break from the music scene, Gaspard turned his attention to the solo project. His debut EP, « Abra Kada Bom » was released in 2013 on Subsystem Records. The feedback has been overwhelming with a style best descrided as “hectic psytrance with a sense of humour.” His first solo album, “Seems Legit” saw the light in May 2014 on Sangoma Records. Still riding the humorous side of psy, his tracks have been poping up here and there on various VAs all through 2014 and 2015. A committed family man, dedicated producer, and all round psychedelic character: Gaspard has plenty to keep himself busy with over the coming months and years!


Daegon aka Chad Kaska – (Illegal Alien Records) – Berlin Germany

Daegon (AKA Chad Kaska) was turned on to electronic music in 2000 at the age of 13. He developed a deep interest in all forms of electronic music as it resonated with a part of him from his peculiar childhood which was littered with unexplainable (and possibly other-worldy) events.Chad began mixing records in 2006 and felt a draw to produce his own music in the key of minimal.”I was looking for a specific sound and a way to express myself. In 2008 is when I really started to produce… A sound that comes from the depths.” Within a short period of time he has caught the distinguishing ear of renowned producers and discerning fans alike. He has released on respected labels such as Machine Box, Smallroom, Googoo Records and Fourth Kind.Serious when approaching the knobs, he lets loose his repertoire of dark slamming noise upon the crowd. His performances are an experience with a telling vibe and an inspiration evoked from the unknown.


Zentrix – (Zenon Records ) – Montreal Canada

Balancing somewhere in the nexus between technological structure and organic chaos, Zentrix aims pull you in and turn your mind inside out. Born and raised in the rainforests of Western Canada, Matt Zentrix was inducted into the global rave culture through tight knit gatherings in record shop basements and renegade forest parties. Cutting his teeth on acid techno and tech funk, he soon encountered the world of psychedelic trance and became mesmerized by the culture’s dedication to crystal clear production and sonic experimentation. All this has led to Zentrix finding his place among the international band of psychoacoustic engineers known as Zenon. While staying grounded in the same energy that kept those early dance floors vibing until the early hours of the morning, Zentrix’s sound continues the story, constantly pushing it forward into new sonic realms.


Labyr1nth – (Ovnimoon Records ) – Denver CO

A labyrinth has only 1 path, that leads the seeker to the center, and back out again. The Labyr1nth project was launched in 2013 on Ovnimoon Records with the intent of bridging the gap between Progressive Psy and Psy Trance. Creatinga universal Trance sound that is deep, mysterious, psychedelic, and always focused on the journey. After releasing several Psyshop Top 10 singles, thefull length Nirvana Network album was released on Ovnimoon Records gainingsupport from world class djs such as John 00 Fleming. This was followed by a series of compilation releases including the popular track ‘Save theRainforest’ featured on BMSS Record’s compilation Multiverse Chronicles. Labyr1nth is performing live & dj sets from coast to coast at many of NorthAmerica’s premier Psy Trance gatherings and sharing the stage with worldrenowned artists such as Atmos, Waio, Vini Vici, and more. The path continues to unfold with several new releases in 2016 coming from some amazing labels around the world.


Brandon Adams – (Bom Shanka Music, Free Radical Records, Pangea Productions) – NYC

Established in America as one of its premier homegrown international-caliber DJs, Brandon displays a unique ability for versatility while managing to transcend musical subdivisions through a consistent signature sound. Bass driven melodies, cohesive groove, sparse psychedelic leads, spacey atmospheres, and carefully placed, crisp percussion interspersed with brain bending effects are the key elements to that sound. Smooth, precise, and patient mixing provide the necessary flow for an unrelenting journey with maximum trance floor impact. As an organizer with NYC-based SYNC and Dreamcatcher, music lover, and dedicated DJ, Brandon has helped drive the evolution of East Coast psytrance for several years. As the US label DJ and representative for international labels Bom Shanka Music, Free Radical Records, and Cryptic Symmetry Records – he links the US to global psytrance hotbeds of South Africa and the UK.


Visions (Kri & Intrinsic) – Asheville NC

‘Visions’ is the latest collaborative work from Kri Samadhi and Jesse ‘Intrinsic’ Spainhour. By combining high resolution digital controller-ism with analogue-modular synthesis the dynamic duo craft high-energy psychedelic trance that is meticulously layered with interlocking melodies, euclidean rhythms and poly-metric patterns. Utilizing a variety of synthesis and editing techniques, they are able to infuse a wide range of textures into a concise and cohesive narrative that references the roots of the genre and pushes the limits of sound design and listener experience. Expect full-power psycho-acoustic codes designed for neural hacking and moving meditation.


Mesa – (Reflexion Recordings, Symmetric) – Atlanta GA

Distant space atmospheres meet deep, organic analog frequencies in the techno-sphere of Mesa’s projects. Industrial mechanics couple with ambient substance to give you a complex dimensional experience through sound. Throughout a typical set that is performed with multiple controllers and Analog instrument input – you will travel from a groovy starlit séance to the dark outer-reaches of known consciousness to places of complexity and extraordinary frequency. Mesa has broadcasted from numerous late night underground dance events, from the Atlanta warehouse district, to organized events with techno ambassadors Wiggle Factor.


Random Bradley (Pangea Productions) – NYC

Random Bradley is Brandon Adams’ creates a seamless journey through various sounds, from groovy techno and tech-house, into more progressive sounds and soulful melodic house, upbeat garage & futurehouse with super fat & polished mid range kick/basses all combined with technical and flawless mixing.


Deep Technicians – (Slack Industries, Platform 7even) – Atlanta GA

Haste Drei and Bill Broman, aka the Deep Technicians, are purveyors of the very best underground music around bringing an array of house and techno styles to the dance-floor with their unique looping, sampling, exceptional mixing skills and seamless transitions.


DJ Demi (Vertigo Records) – Miami FL

DJ Demi was among the first pioneers of Trance Dj’s in Ukraine in the late 90’s. After being inspired by the atmosphere that was created by famous Aerodance Sound System at Kazantip Summer Festival in 98’ – he started performing as a dj and a promoter choosing trance music as the main focus of the action.
After Travelling to India, dj-ing at Goa parties and meeting up with interesting party people at exotic places – Demi totally embraced in the trance movement and participates wherever he was. DJ Demi has performed his stunning sets at numerous partys and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, India and USA:
Omnitribe Festival (NY/USA), Gaian Mind Festival (USA), Space of Joy Art Gathering (UA), Liquid Beach Fest (CRIMEA), Vertigo Festival (League 4 Spiritual Discovery 2008,2009), Club Fresh (Goa) – 2010 Ibiza Mega Festival (KZ) – 2010


Lessnoise – (Baroque Records) – Atlanta GA

No doubt born for the love of music, LessNoise (Fher Rivera), has taken a very strict, thin line of delicious, dirty sounds and combined them with an extraordinary fusion of Dub, Breaks, Tech House, Deep House, and Techno, among other sensual ingredients, to create mixes so full of life and energy as to be instantly identifiable.
In the past 15 years LessNoise’s personal and collaborative performances have shined with intense sets that have left partygoers longing for more. Stimulating all the senses and inspiring an atmosphere of sensual energy, his music and his vibe have set the mood at many events, sharing the stage with diverse projects and DJs like Steve Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie, Christopher Lawrence, Nick Warren, Hector Romero, Ralph Falcon, Nigel Richards, Scott Hardkiss, Infusion, Anthony Pappa, Nortec Collective, Astro&Glyde, Sean Cusick, Steve Porter and many more.




soulForm (red.tree & ARune) – Asheville NC

red.tree (Pro-B Tech)
Hailing from The South Florida Miami Old School & The Landscapes Of Aotearoa.
red.trees productions have been recently signed to Pro-B-Tech, Alola, 19 Box Recordings, and have fallen into the hands of the progressive house DJ elite. He is a contributor to The Asheville House Music Society. He calls his style future ancient alien disco and has a single being featured on the upcoming Terra Ferma album.

Arune (AFMG)
ARune’s appreciation for dance music culture began in the late 90’s with the early sounds and experiences of events with headliners such as Kimball Collins, DJ Icey, Sasha & Digweed, AK1200, DJ Dara. His style is an eclectic amalgam of psychedelic trance, house, techno, and breaks. ARune became renown playing the Asheville Full Moon Gatherings.

www.soundcloud.com/redtreevibes www.mixcloud.com/redtree
www.soundcloud.com/arune www.mixcloud.com/arunmarx5

PulseWave – (Pure Perception Records) – Asheville NC

Pulsewave, the new project from Kri aka Sonance and Jesse Spainhour aka Intrinsic is a blending of psychedelic trance styles. With a progressive tempo, but flavored with the hypnotic layers of acid and complex synthwork, PulseWave brings a complete aural experience. Grains of Sand is a 3 track EP that kicks off with Wave after Wave, an euphoric lifter that rises like the morning sun over the cosmic ocean. Scared is Scared follows up with a deep trance sound, with long pads and a low bass breakdown perfect for peak times on the dancefloor. Oldschool trance infused with modern progressive psy, whats not to love? The last track, Grains of Sand is the culmination of this debut release. Plucky acid rains down from above, while a tribal drum kick bangs on the ground below. Tension builds as the ego is compressed, just waiting for that moment of psychedelic release.


Treffen – Archaic Revival, Atlanta, GA

(German) noun- 1. encounter 2. meeting With a career that has spanned numerous styles of music and audiences the last few years have been focused on the psytrance community. Treffen doesn’t stick to just one style of psychedelic music, preferring instead to use a variety of sounds to tell a story for his audience.


In Plain Sight – Asheville, NC

Out of Asheville, North Carolina comes In Plain Sight, three DJs and producers united towards a global, progressive groove. The “Paris of the South” is a perfect home for the trio, as it’s a renowned creative beacon, drawing artistic types of many persuasions and styles, fostering a zone of constant inspiration. Some may be surprised that electronic music is a big part of Asheville’s creative wellspring. Of course, Bob Moog was brainstorming his famous synthesizers in Asheville for the last portion of his life which may make the connection more tangible. In the present, the city’s generosity of flavors combined with its imagination and electronic music esteem allowed three different musical souls to come together and form an exciting progressive house combo. This is In Plain Sight, comprised of Ezekiel, Lucas Ledford and Nomad in the Dark.


Dee M.F. – (Asheville Full Moon Gatherings) – Asheville, NC

Abducted by aliens at an early age, Dee was often drugged & mercilessly raised on rave culture & nightclubs. Playing music out since 1993, he often is more aware of favorite tracks than what year it currently is. He spends lots of time working with Asheville Full Moon Gatherings, and enjoys every second of it.


Spice Rapture – Asheville NC

An Asheville, NC-based DJ since 2008, focusing on Psytrance, predominantly playing full-on, but also dabbling in progressive, and psydub styles. Drawing upon influences from his early days listening to Acid House, Techno, and Trance, Spice Rapture moved more into to the psychedelic and tribal genres as he matured as a DJ. Spice Rapture has played at festivals, including Touch Samadhi’s Equinox, Transformus, Asheville Full Moon Gatherings, among others, as well as various venues and parties, primarily around the Asheville area, including Timo’s House, The One Stop, Scandals, Boiler Room, among others. Spice Rapture’s purpose as a DJ is to help you achieve a zen-like state on the dance floor where you are in the moment, feeling your body, the floor, and the space around you, letting your essence flow forth from your inner being.


Krista (Vinyl Revisions) – Asheville NC

Born and raised in the suburbs of NYC, Krista moved to the Carolina’s in 2007, but it wasn’t until her move down south that she noticed a more engaging electronic music scene. Never did she imagine she would pursue a passion in mixing. All she knew was how much the music inspired her. Krista chooses to mix with LPs, not only because she feels she should learn fundamentally, but believes it to be the most appropriate passage for her. To see the grooves and feel the record is the pure, necessary beauty in the process; the needed balance to the digitalized world she lives in the daylight as a graphic designer. Getting messages across to people in the most beautiful way possible has always been her passion and now she has discovered a different way to display the beauty – through sound – and is ready to share with others the deeper, more soulful side of Drum ‘n’ Bass.


SpaghettiMan (AlienTechnology) – Asheville NC

Buster Sims a.k.a. SpaghettiMan is widely known for his unique and versatile blend of superb psychedelic soundscapes, particularly but not exclusively catering to the trance community. He lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC in the United States. Gifted with the support and love of the strong and positive trance Family that is prevalent here, Buster happily makes is home in one of the most Resilient and Eccentric psychedelic regions on Planet Earth.


Gabe Real – Asheville NC

Gabe Real aka Arc Angel Gabe Real is a patron of the arts; dedicated to supporting artists. Label owner, manager, producer, dj, fan, and friend. Co-founder of True Intent Recordings, Future Breaks FM, Sanguine Recordings, and BeatSync. Gabe Real is currently an organizing member of Asheville Drum and Bass Collective (ADBC). Started in ’93, ain’t never gonna stop…Long live London Underground Music.


XB (Incendia) – Athens GA

xb is not dead, despite the fact that he’s been spinning psytrance for over 13 years. As one of the founding members of Tecropolis (Athens, Ga), he has been entrusted with corrupting the hearts and minds of a whole new generation of electronic music fans. For Pangea 2016 he will be borrowing from his side project, Angry Digweed, to bring you a one-of-kind techno-prog set.


Crux (AVDB) – Asheville NC

Crux delivers high quality jungle and drum and bass with each set. Spending lots of time searching for the perfect track for the perfect moment Crux has established himself as one of the premier DnB djs in the Asheville Area. From Atmospheric Jungle to the Deeper DnB Realms Crux always knows what to bring to each occasion.


Selector Cleofus – (Shenanigan Society, DI.FM) – Asheville, NC

Born and raised in the Dirty South and currently based out of Asheville, Cleofus is a DJ, party promoter, producer, agent of chaos, bass mystic, and dub philosopher. Introduced to electronic music via Moby and Orbital in the mid-nineties, Cleofus has long been a student of sound, making mix tapes for friends, working in numerous record stores and hosting an early web-zine called GoGoGorilla. Having amassed quite a collection of CDs, Cleofus purchased his first CD DJ gear at the beginning of the millennium and, with no formal training he set about self teaching himself to DJ. Around 2003 he relocated to the mountains of Western North Carolina and began DJing out for the first time. Early on he acted as a touring DJing with a local reggae band playing roots dub and reggae, while introducing listeners to the fresh new sound of dubstep, and getting club experience playing all over the Southeast and even spending ten days touring Jamaica playing music at resorts, bars, ganja bashes, and birthday parties. Cleofus has hosted several weeklies, thrown and played numerous parties and has shared the stage with heavyweights like Mark Farina, Caspa, Martyn, Datsik, Groundation, Midnite, and many more. Never content with the constraints of being limited to any single genre of music, Cleofus has made a reputation for consistently introducing new and fresh sounds and for unpredictable DJ sets. Cleofus was introduced to burner culture through Transfomus and Alchemy and became associated with the Wondrous Temple of Boom collective, heading up their sound camp and producing and playing parties with them for several years before breaking away to help spearhead the formation and evolution of the mysterious arts collective the Shenanigan Society and their experimental burn inspired radical expression outdoor party known as Lurch. Cleofus currently hosts the monthly online dub program The Dub Chamber on Digitally Imported’s Psychill channel. This is his 6th Pangea appearance.




Goadream – (TOUCH Samadhi, Pangea Productions) – Greenville, NC

Jacob Goadream caught the electronic music bug back in the early 90’s. Attending some of the first warehouse parties in Houston, Texas, Jacob quickly developed a love for House music. Around 1999/2000 he was introduced to the wonderful world of psy-trance. Thru the Universal Mind Productions gatherings, via Robin Triskele, an itch for psy-trance quickly developed; it was all over from there! Shortly after Jacob move to the Carolinas where he discovered the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi family. Their epic parties at Deerfields thoroughly split his third eye wide open with a psychedelic hammer! Over the last few years equipment has been acquired, skills honed and a decade of music collected. You can be sure to hear a wide range of psy leaning towards full-on/neo-goa on a dance floor near you! BOOM!


OSO – (TOUCH Samadhi, Pangea Productions) – Atlanta, GA

Mar Oso is a devoted music connoisseur providing a vast collection of intelligent and deep surreal grooves for a spectrum of atmospheres and experiences. Inspired to twist and tweaking tracks to create a unique library of personalized Grove combined with the latest effects, tempo manipulation and layered mixing leaving the listener Engulfed in the hypnotic rhythm and crispy swirly mayhem!


Ju^2 – (iOpener, Pangea Productions) – Atlanta, GA

“Flow” is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Ju^2 primary goal with DJing is helping others enter this state a flow, releasing all thoughts of the past and future, and living, breathing, exploring the “now”. His sounds will change according the hour, vibe, and rhythm of the dance floor but will always assist the flow and move you forward.


Sanguine Mandragoa – (Pangea Productions, Touch Samadhi, Suntrip Records) – Raleigh, NC

Sanguine Mandragoa is a collaborative DJ project of Shoom and Bloodwing. With their uncanny ability of reading each other’s minds they are able to put together epic, impromptu tag-team mixes. Often fueled by the chaos of the natural world, their mixes melt together between the harder, faster acid-driven Goa and the darker side of Psytrance. A combination of sounds that often leave the dancefloor in a state of psychedelic awareness.


CollectiveONE – (Touch Samadhi, Pangea Productions) – Asheville, NC

Long time Asheville staple DJ, CollectiveONE helped grow the nightlife (there) into what it is today. He is a founding member of the Asheville Drum and Bass Collective (adbc) which has been doing strictly drum and bass events, weekly for over 3 years. Deep, minimal, and moody with a cerebral undertone is the theme of his musical expression. Drum and Bass has always been in his blood. Other genres pervaded. Deep Dubstep, Ambient, Down Tempo, and Psytrance mereley TOUCH on the depths of variety that he collects and exposes through his countless live performances and studio mixes. No matter what style he brings, he creates experiences and uses storytelling to give the listener/ dancer what they desire. In addition to clubs, basements, warehouses, and bars – ultimately he’d prefer to be outdoors under the stars connecting with others in a natural setting vibrating with the earth. He is a resident DJ at Sunday Sessions, adbc’s weekly, and works alongside Alientechnology, Asheville Full Moon gatherings, Pangea Productions, and TOUCH Samadhi.


Intrinsic – (Pangea Productions) – Asheville, NC

Intrinsic is the moniker for Asheville based producer, dj, vj and fire spinner Jesse Spainhour. Blurring the lines between genres, his latest full length mix “the wuwuwub factory” is an epic journey thru soundscapes both deep and psychedelic. Fusing breakbeat and IDM rhythms with dubstep bass and psy melodies, this mix is a prime example of his unique musical expression.


DRaigosa – (Pangea Productions) – Greenville, SC

DRaigosa was born in the beautiful valley of Medellin, Colombia in the mid 80s, now residing in Greenville, SC. With many years of dj experience under his belt, after playing various forms of electronic music, from house to electro to minimal, he has come to develop his own sound; a combination of hard hitting psychedelic techno, blended with bits of minimal and deep grooved out tech house, all mixed fluidly and seamlessly.


Klaws – (Pangea Productions, Pure Perception Records) – Greenville,SC

Klaws first got exposed to the sounds of electronic music in his native country Romania. Since then, his passion for driving, cutting-edge music only became stronger. He lived in France for several years, where he came in contact with a thriving music scene.He later moved to South Carolina and now has played parties throughout the SouthEast US, France, Romania, and
beyond as well as co-organized numerous Pangea Productions events and one of area’s fastest growing and most diverse electronic music festivals, “Welcome to Pangea” now in its’ 8th year.You can tune in and listen to Klaws every second Friday of the month on the highly rated electronic net-radio www.di.fm on the minimal channel from 12-2pm EST. The show, “Technological”, is hosted by Klaws and DRaigosa and brings you the best in today’s techno and minimal.
Together with the Pangea crew Klaws is constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music to create driving, hypnotic, atmospheric dance music. Styles range from minimal/tech to dub/tech to electro. Influences come anywhere from funk to jazz, Detroit melodic techno to harder European minimal sounds, always keeping it deep, spacey, and with a driving groove.


Kameleon – (Pangea Productions, Pure Perception Records, Public Beta, Planetary Confinement Clothing) – Miami, FL

Kameleon is the co-founder of Pangea Productions / Pure Perception Records. Helping activate the psy scene in the south east and abroad for over 10 years Kameleon is still actively helping push boundaries with sound and visuals. Now in its 6th year Pure Perception Records is consistently releasing highly intelligent and mysterious psychedelic sounds to the world. He also designs clothing for Public Beta Wear and Planetary Confinement Clothing and is responsible for the Art and Design work for Pangea / Pure Perception.



Since this is such an underground festival any help promoting to the right people would be much appreciated.


As the worlds powers attempt to drag humanity deeper and deeper into Chaos we must be reminded that there is an Order greater than anything man could conceive. An Intelligence far Superior to our own understanding. A Cosmic Order so great and so Ancient that no man could ever challenge it. An Order of Beauty and Pure Intelligence set in place by the Ultimate Supreme Architect.


Presale tickets are available now at the link below:


(January – $60 – Finished)
(February – $65 – Finished)
March – April – $70 <
May – $80


Please check our website for updated info:



Affiliated Events:

Pre-Pangea Party (April 16th): Atlanta

Solstice (June 10th – 12th): Asheville

Sacred Earth (June 17th – 20th): Midwest

Fractal Fest (July 8th – 10th): Upstate NY


Pangea Productions – Pure Perception Records

May 13 2016


Start: 13 May 2016
End: 15 May 2016

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