Smoke On The Water III

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Smoke On The Water III

3 day Psytrance and Arts Gathering at our beloved Echo Lake <3

3 days of nonstop Psychedelic Trance, LOVE, Freedom and Artistic Expression featuring the entire Radial Engine Tribe, International Artists, Regional Artist one more very Special International Artist TBA. We are also going to throw in a real cool Psychedelic Rock band on saturday afternoon by the lake, TBA. We must remember our Rock n Roll roots. Let’s have a Beautiful and Memorable time together and share the VIBE that’s unique only to a Psytrance Gathering. Peace, Rob <3

Every day, think as you wake up,
today I am fortunate to be alive,
I have a precious human life,
I am not going to waste it.

I am going to use all my energies to develop myself,
to expand my heart out to others,
to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

I am going to have kind thoughts towards others,
I am not going to get angry or think badly about others.
I am going to benefit others as much as I can.

― Dalai Lama and endorsed by The Radial Engine Tribe <3

++++++++++++++++++The Artist ++++++++++++++++++-

*Note – Headliner is booked, TBA*

-((((((<<< The International and Regional Artists >>>))))))

Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records / Germany)

Cosinus (Sangoma Records / Radial Engine Tribe / Switzerland)

Pavel Svimba – Finland

Kabayun (Sangoma Records / PA)

Kri (T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi / NC)

Coral (Goa / Geomagnic / ID)

Mexikan Konnection (Secret Vision Psychedelics / Mexico / AZ)

Saru (Montreal, Canada)

Krikett (Psynesthesia / ZFG Entertainment / FL)

Luis Campos (Psycheground / NYC/Brazil)

Hypnotoad (Light-O-Matic / Psi / NYC)

Ctrl+Alt+Del (Nexus Media / NYC/ India)

Brandon Adams (Free Radical Records, Pangea Productions, AcceratorNYC – USA)

DJ Scooter (The Sounds Of Now – WRPI 91.5 FM Troy, NY)
Special Techno/Tech House set

Dudu (Dreamcatchers / Nuud music / NY/Brazil)

Particle Squirrel (NJ)

Bionic Brain (Enterprise Records, Fractal Records / DC / Bolivia)

AiO (Lycantrop Records/ Aioaska Productions/ CA)

Organics (NY) Special Vinyl set


Rob (RockinRob)

Luuli (Anomalistic / Radial Engine Tribe, PA)

Facehead (Anomalistic / Radial Engine Tribe, PA)

Om Olak (Awake Productions, Love Tribe, Radial Engine Tribe, Fractal Tribe, CT)

Psypien (Psyde Effect Records / Radial Engine Tribe / Austria)

Melle Vitale (Radial Engine Tribe / France )

Ron Jon (World People Productions / Radial Engine Tribe / CA)

Rakshasi Hornpipe (SYNC / Radial Engine Tribe / NY)

Artemis (Anuuna Records / Fractal Tribe / Radial Engine Tribe / MA)

Wild Wes (Psyraiders / Radial Engine Tribe / TN)

Izzy (Sangoma / Radial Engine Tribe / NYC)

TelePathiK FreeQuencies ( Digital Shamans / Radial Engine Tribe / NYC)

Madhatter (Woodog / Futterwacken / RET / NYC)

Terrestrial-Sound (T.O.U.C.H Samhadi / Radial Engine Tribe / NC)

Leo Fractaltribe (Fractal Tribe / Radial Engine Tribe / MA)

K’uh Wayak (Mayan Soul / Radial Engine Tribe / VA)

L-Rad (Radial Engine Tribe / CALI)

Phungeye (Radial Engine Tribe / NY)

Miah Love (Love Tribe / Radial Engine Tribe / CT)

Digital Shaman (Radial Engine Tribe / NY)

Songtsen (Radial Engine Tribe / NY)

Nepenthe (Radial Engine Tribe / NY)


*Deco by NephilNine / NYC

*Sacred Alter offerings and Faerie Sanctuary by Chelsea Serraino.

*Live Visionary Shamanic UV 3D painting by Myztico Campo

*Juggling and Fire Show by Mike Menace / Hong Kong

*Goddess Flow Yogi Painting by Oracao Pachamama

*Sound by Perceptive Audio / NY

*Car camping allowed, $10 per car. Hot showers provided, lots of clean facilities, daily garbage pickup. No glass please. Please keep the campground as clean as possible including cigarette butts. We must take care of our sacred earth. Motorhomes are $100 extra and can’t run generators between 9pm and 9am.

*Friendly dogs allowed with health records ok. $20 entry fee to be donated to local animal charity. Absolutely no cats. We love them and they are NOT traveling animals.You wil be asked to leave with no refund, we care. Kids under 12 free, Must have proper ear protection and must be off dancefloor between 9pm and 9am. Strickly enforced.

Please bring everything you need. We want to keep in/outs to a minimum.

The Radial Engine Tribe is non-profit. We only do it to spread Love and Happiness to all 🙂

Presales are $95. It will be $120 cash only at door.

Ride Share –

June 03 2019


Start: June 3
End: June 5

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Country United States of America


Smoke On The Water

Bainbridge, NY United States

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