Eternal Groove Music Festival 2017

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Eternal Groove Music Festival 2017

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Afterhours Sessions / Scientific Sound and Mosh Squad


Eternal Groove Music Festival

Focusing on all genres of electronic music,art and culture, The Eternal Groove Festival will showcase
Local,Regional and International Musicians,Artists and Dj’s for one incredible weekend.

Phase 1 Lineup.


For the 24 year old Queens native producer, Brightside, it’s not just about the music, it’s about the movement. His vision is to produce auditory art that brings people together and creates a sense of community. Brightside has a predominantly mid-tempo sound, drawing inspiration from all ends of the spectrum. In a conscious effort to reach all audiences, Brightside samples a widely eclectic library of music from all around the world, creating psychedelic sounds with Middle Eastern, Asian, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop and even Reggae flare.
Brightside’s project has been gaining momentum in the past year. Having opened for acts such as Ill.Gates, Break Science, Paul Basic, Kaminanda, Govinda, Futexture, Schlang, and Technicolor Lenses, he has been able to put his vision into motion.
A homemade visual project as well as graffiti/street art movement for Brightside is in full effect right now.
He is also working on putting a Brightside Live project into play, combining electronic music with live instruments on stage.


In a world of pre­recorded mixes, sync buttons, and fake likes, DJ Knowledge stands apart from
the masses on a 20+ year career of music, passion, and perseverance. His experience and
diversity bring energy to every room he plays, no matter what genre he plays. One week he’ll be
dropping a bass music set of trap, twerk, and dubstep set alongside global legends, the next he’ll be headlining an underground rave with electro house and big room bangers, and the week after he’ll be in the club playing tech house and progressive. With an ear for evolving sounds and
producers, he loves taking a crowd on a journey with pounding energy that ebbs and flows with
the vibe of the night. His driven mind is also responsible for the music marketing, blog, and event company Columns of Knowledge which has been at the forefront and behind the scenes of
thousands of events in the Northeast and beyond. It’s never a slow night ­ get ready for some fire!


Emerging from the New England rave scene in the 90’s, exposure to the underground sounds gave rise to Sonic Bee. Developing his own style, Sonic fine-tuned a unique combination of hard, funky breakbeats and a non-stop mixing style. Added to NYC’s, Kingsize-USA Entertainment roster, Sonic Bee earned supporting and eventually headlining gigs alongside some of the best at parties all over New England, up & down the east coast and many other stops around the states. From party to party, residencies at the old BOUNCE monthlies in NY & the infamous Wednesday nights at Function in New Haven, CT, funky house sets at Drinkland NYC, even closing the show at A Tribe Called Quest’s farewell tour at The Palladium, Sonic Bee has proven his ability to rock the decks & the crowds. Never overzealous, a quiet professional who lets his music & skills speak for themselves, Sonic Bee continues to make noise & moves dancefloors…


Drummer, bassist, sound designer, and Producer/DJ heavy weight, Sexy Black Female can tear your face off or take you back in time and has spent the past 17 years doing just that. Most of Sexy Black’s time is spent creating unique and dynamic synth lines, sampling emotionally provoking quotes, and tracking live instruments to bring the two vastly different worlds of electronic and live music together.


Tsimba is the brain child of 25-year-old producer Mark Evans Musto. Originally from Wallingford, CT now Based out of Brooklyn NY, his vision combines the auditory vibrations found on earth with sounds that could manifest anywhere in the universe. A percussionist since early high school, he draws inspiration from both western and eastern traditional music, while also finding creativity in nature, dusty vinyl, and imagination. The past couple years have given way to many opportunities, having opened up for artists like Mr. Bill, G Jones, Yheti, Gladkill, Ganja White Night, 6Blocc, Psymbionic, Mad Zach, and more. His mission is to not only create music that people will love, but to inspire and create an art form that celebrates all aspects of rhythm.

FB: www.
SC: www.
BC: tsimba.
Twitter: www.
IG: www.


DeeZ (Andrew Widdecomb) is an East coast music producer currently living in Boston who is known for weaving heavy-hitting basslines with Hip-Hop beats for a unique, and funky performance. He takes a high tech approach to creating futuristic music that awakens dance floors and captivates listeners. DeeZ is evolving beyond the traditional East Coast bass scene to deliver a distinctive organic sound that engages any audience.


‘Scatz’ is the adopted moniker of enigmatic bass music producer Mitch Bilodeau. Hailing from his Earth-based home in Connecticut, USA, Scatz delivers a refreshingly original flavor of electronic bass music that aims to invert previous notions of glitch-hop and dubstep. Scatz reinvents the electronic sonic experience by creating music that relates more closely to an unravelling narrative than following traditional song structure and form, which lends itself to a very unique live experience. Though a combination of soul-channeling meditation rituals, interdimensional intervention, and copious THC and caffeine Scatz combines classic instrumentation with progressive, hard-hitting electronic production and sound design in his work. Scatz’s releases through MalLabel Music and WUMP Collective (co-founder) have gained attention in their own right among enthusiastic members of the bass music community, while his live act continues to excite and intrigue an otherwise increasingly stale electronic music scene.


It starts as a faint MurMur in the distance. Getting closer and closer, and louder and louder, it begins to take over you. Possessed by sound, your souls are entranced to join the march of this army of lost souls as they dance forth to the beat of the pounding drums. These souls have been captivated by one powerful demon, the demon of music, the one they call MurMur. Armed with an arsenal of beats, MurMur and his army are coming for you, and you will be helpless but to join them, and surrender your soul to the demon of music.

Austin Bishop, is the human incarnation of MurMur, the Demon of Music, formerly known as Raver Satan. Born and raised in Connecticut, MurMur has spread his original sounds throughout Connecticut, New York, much of the North East and continuing beyond and has gotten support from Demien Sixx, Bear Grillz and Dirty Loud, Fingers Devious, Nerd Rage and, Ill.Gates.



Beardthug is the brainchild of two passionate musicians coming together to bend the preconceived notions of ‘genre’. Hailing from a broad spectrum of musical backgrounds, Seamus & Mallek bring the familiar festival bass sound to the table but always with an unmistakable vibe that could only be their own. Even in their home city of Providence, Rhode Island, the beardthug boys don’t just show and spin a DJ set. They incorporate Ableton, guitars, synths, drumpads, turntables and mics into every one of their performances. Despite forming in early 2016, beardthug has already opened sold­out shows for Borgore, Yellowclaw & Flamingosis. Their diversity in sound has landed them steady bookings at everything from festivals to brooklyn warehouse raves, as well as a track feature in Denon DJ’s newest MC7000 commercial. Their seemingly constant stream of releases on their soundcloud seem to foreshadow the sincerity and passion for bass music these two guys can’t help but resonate on and off the stage.


The Stage Alias of Devin Lee & Jasmine Dunbar, ZeroGravity is a Milwaukee based project that prides itself on remaining the utmost creative in today’s electronic world. From their spacey, mind scrambling originals, to their high energy free range live Ableton sets, this movement is here to push earthlings out towards the fringes of deep space, and away from the societal hold of current times.

Fox Child
Trill Cosby
Zach SantaBarabara
Joey Fedz
Mindless Katastrophe
Mister Mayhem
Earthside Mixlab
OD Dabber
Deejay Starkey
DJ Psylar
Jungle Noise
Alex Panda
DJ Leucistic
DJ D.Brown

3 Days of Music.


Central Connecticut Location


Silent Disco

Live Painting and more!

Games / Prizes and Giveaways!

Stay Tuned for more Info!

Vending Spaces Available (23 Slots “non food” left)
(11 food spaces available)

Sponsored by:
Sensi Side

** Interested in Performing ? send your EPK to **

Bus trips will be available throughout the Northeast.

August 18 2017


Start: 18 August 2017
End: 20 August 2017
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Wild Bills Concert Venue

1003 Newfield ave
Middletown, CT 06457 United States

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