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September 23-25 2016

The 13th Annual T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival
Deerfields/Asheville, NC

$100 at gate


Food and Merchandise vending
Bring everything you need to survive for 3 days in the wilderness
In/Outs are reserved for emergencies – Bring your own water
Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles
No dogs or renegade sound systems

Gates open Friday at noon
Ages 18 and up
www.deerfields.com – 101 Watagnee Tr., Horse Shoe, NC 28742




Black Noise

TIP records

The man behind The Black Noise Project is Kostas Angelopoulos aka Xtatic Shiva, a Psychedelic and Goa Trance producer from Athens, Greece. He’s been producing music since 2005 and Black Noise is his new project that dives into Deep Psychedelic Trance and explores the mysteries of the universe and its contents by transforming colors, feelings, memories, scents and sounds into rhythmic bursts of energy. Shortly after its birth the project releases music on Nano, Sangoma, Phantasm, Blacklite, BMSS, Geomagnetic, Maharetta and Goa Productions before joining legendary TIP Records! The project has performed live in South Africa, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil and Hungary with Ozora 2015 and Universo Parallelo #13 as highlight moments! …And the journey continues… Peace and Love!


Smoke Sign
Progressive Psy
Zenon Records

The main project of 27 year old Oregon based producer Krysalis Moon (Kris
Mosher). Born in Guatemala in 1985, Kris was saved from death when he was adopted &
brought to America. From a very early age he was enamored with music (originally trained as a
vocalist) & has a rich musical background thanks to his family. His journey with electronic music
began in 1999 as a listener and dancer, and in 2006 he started organizing underground dance
events in Eugene. By 2009 he had fallen so deeply in love with dance music that he started on
the road of creation, for the next two years Kris poured hours & hours into production,
obsessively digging into Cubase until Smoke Sign was born.

Smoke Sign has an eclectic yet specific sound, pulling from both the ancient & modern worlds to
weave audible magic. His conjurations are a fusion of many genres and media sources,
combining elements of psytrance, house, techno, downtempo, world music & captivating vocals
into his signature story telling style.




Forest/Psychedelic Trance
Parvati Records

Mubali has performed on stages all around the world and at many festivals, including Boom Festival and Full Moon Festival. He has 2 album releases on Trishula Records, a free album released on Ektoplazm Records and countless solo and collaborative works on many labels. His style can be described as sometimes funky and bouncy, sometime chunky and nasty, but always psychedelic.



Gulf breeze FL
Omveda Records

Learning to dj in 1997, David aka ‘Dragon’ made the trek from progressive trance to the realms of psytrance by 2001, and started composing his own style of darkpsy around 2004. Dragon’s musical productions include a handful of singles and EP’s, as well as two full-length albums; “in.formation” released in January of 2009 and “spirals of time” released in March of 2011. His music tends to explore the darker realms of trance with ethereal soundscapes to create a unique and unfamiliar experience for the listeners, allowing you to explore that space in your own consciousness. As this genre is ever evolving, David strives to stay innovative in the creative process and produce a clean driving style that keeps the dancefloors locked into the journey. There is a new Dragon album in the works that will be ready for a 2017 release, and sure to push this genre out to the edge of our astral plane ~



Los Angeles, CA
United Beats/Pulse

As a long time veteran of the Western U.S. Trance and underground scene Paradigm brings a sense of artistry and old school flair to the decks. Originally from San Francisco, Paradigm found himself a staple of Northern California’s thriving underground for nearly a decade. After a period in the Midwest he then found himself calling Denver home. In Colorado he was instrumental in reshaping the energy and vitality of that cities psychedelic music landscape with Sculpted Sound. Now with the City of Angeles as home base Paradigm is signed to the internationally acclaimed United Beats record label. With United Beats he recently released the chart topping Arcadia 2 compilation which is destined to be one of the biggest hits of the 2016 global festival season. He is also an active part of the Pulse Events promotion team who have set the high water mark for professional and cutting edge Psychedelic Trance and Progressive events in the United States.
Known for his detailed and surgical mixing style, a well curated taste of music and the ability to weave a story through a set regardless of style or time of day. Paradigm is a DJ’s DJ. A rare slice of the old school that still believes in the “art of the mix” and the story telling journey aspect of a performance.


Kri Samadhi

Asheville, NC
Touch Samadhi

Founder of T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi
Amidst the constantly changing psy-trance genre, Kri has exhibited a continuing passion for the depth and multi-layered sound that evolved from Goa Trance in the early days of the scene. While playing and composing melody driven tracks that always demonstrate skilled musicianship, Kri rouses listeners into fluid, euphoric motion and paints the party a vibrant psychedelic shade. Playing and producing Psychedelic Goa Trance for over 19 years, Kri demonstrates immense dedication to the art by his ceaseless attention to every detail of the experience. Be it playing, composing, mastering, or promoting, there is no area in which Kri falters, making sure to work respectfully alongside other gifted artists devoted to the trance scene. His flawless mixing skills have earned him the respect of promoters around the country, and his professional approach to event production has elevated the TOUCH Samadhi annual fall gathering to one of the premier trance festivals on the East coast, blending a rich variety of live and electronic musical performance, sublime psychedelic visual art, and a message of universal peace, which together catapult attendees into intergalactic spiritual bliss. As a performer, Kri weaves a musical spell that indulges listeners into easily merging with and being uplifted by positive Twilight Psychedelic Trance tracks. The sound he creates through his live act Annunaki is being heralded around the planet and is breathing simmering new life into the Trance world as if the music is propelled by a dragon high on Kundalini yoga. Kri’s superb intuition for playing to the human element produces a dance floor experience of complete immersion, of carnal union with the velvety flow of the beat, the body, the bass, the boom. Whether spinning a DJ set or performing a live set of his own compositions, Kri brings us music that forces us to remember why we are alive and to give thanks for every nuance of that sacred gift.




Asheville, NC
Touch Samadhi

The Annunaki first arrived on Earth probably 450,000 years ago, seeking an exotic beat to facilitate their trance states. Eventually we came to call them by many names, such as “the Nephilim” in Genesis, or simply “gods”. Whichever they are, they genetically engineered Homo Sapiens as perfect biological machines for dancing by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of Homo erectus. Still incomplete, the machines required new patterns and rhythms to function to their fullest potential. So the “gods” searched, and waited, eventually finding the patterns and rhythms in Goa, India, where they studied and recorded these new patterns of mental concentration. Now their research has come to a close as the Annunaki prepare to enact their creations. Are they gods of good, or gods of evil?



The Fuzz

Raleigh ,NC
Touch Samadhi

Coming to North Carolina in the mid 2000s, The Fuzz abandoned the urban lifestyle following the Siren beats emanating from Asheville, NC. Finding the TOUCH Samadhi collection, The Fuzz quickly set up shop in nearby Greensboro to cultivate further sounds and rhythms to augment the growing vibrations.
The Fuzz was introduced to Goa trance later than most, discovering the classics in the early 2000s. Seeking out the beats of more current sounds, he came up to speed on the progression in to psytrance and beyond. Still with a focus on what first called to him, he continues to cast back to classic influences and sounds in production.



Psytrance / Darkpsy / Hitech / Chillout / Psydub / IDM
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Thirdeye Squeegee ; Anomalistic Records

Cryoverb is the diverse music project of Matt Quinn, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The word is an amalgamation of [Cryo- ] from Greek (krúos, Kryos) meaning “frozen” or “crystaline” & [Verb] from Latin (verbum) meaning “word” or “action, or state of being.”
Whether navigating deep space or re-contextualizing the fragments of ancient, entrancing rhythms, Cryoverb mixes are a mysterious soundtrack for a holographic “choose your own adventure” story. Quinn’s audio research often explores the nebulous area where categories & subgenres intersect & dissolve conceptually—coagulating into some hybrid organic form. By cross-pollinating musical genomes, strange sonic flavors emerge out of an alien soundscape, taking the listener on unexpected expeditions… For the last fifteen years or so, Quinn has gathered an eclectic archive of electronic music, while picking up some DJing techniques along the way. Starting in 2005 he began learning production & synthesis, primarily with Ableton Live. The past few years he has had some amazing opportunities to attend & participate in psychedelic music & art festivals & regional burns & other events in PA, MD, NY, OH, NC, GA, IN, IA, FL & Canada. Cryoverb’s musical collections & selections are always evolving—influenced by festival experiences & friends & a tide of fresh music. In his DJ mixes, he pays careful attention to set & setting by finding music to accent the time of day & mood & season. He is constantly searching for challenging new music…


Aum Lab

High Altitude PsyTrance
Goa Records



Pulse Drift

Ambient bass from the Rocky Mountain plateaus of Colorado.
Pure Perception Records




Full-On Psytrance
Denver, CO,

music: https://soundcloud.com/ascensionsound



OG Psytrance
Psynesthesia & ZFG



Forest/night full on
Archaic Revival




Primarily playing three styles, sacred base / temple step, Psygressive / Prog and full power Psy / Forest trance.
Athens GA
Touch Samadhi

got his DJs start in 2004 playing skate board competition and tribal fusion belly dance events. Since then he has developed a reputation of multi-genre DJ Bringing his love for music to gatherings across the country.



Full on and Psy Chill
Asheville, NC
Touch Samadhi

Sensoma is the DJ avatar of Amos Gaynes. Based in Asheville North Carolina, Amos was on hand for the birth of the Asheville psy scene at the legendary “Spiritual Awakening” party in 1999. With his background making industrial and experimental electronic music, the sounds of Goa trance hit home and caused a revelation in consciousness. Since then there’s been no turning back! Stylistically, Sensoma is most at home outdoors, playing rolling melodic full-on in the daytime or dark forest trance at night. 10+ years of experience as a devoted trance dancer informs his musical selections, picking only the tracks that touch the spirit and make the body move from within. Smooth mixing, expert knob twiddling, and a keen sense of what’s appropriate for any given setting are hallmarks of his style.



Baba Bubo
Terrestrial Sound
George Chavez

Asheville, North Carolina
Visionary Shamanics Recs. | Forest Frequency | T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi | Radial Engine Tribe | Psybolic Frolic

Baba Bubo is the project of George Chavez, based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Baba Bubo began DJing in 2006 under the project name Terrestrial Sound. Originally from the New Jersey/New York area, his first experience with psychedelic music stems from the deep woods of the Pine Barrens, where he instantly became hooked on the vibe and energy of nature. After several years in the scene, he co-created the underground psychedelic tribe of New Jersey, Psybolic Frolic, organizing events with crews all around the east coast. In 2012 he joined forces with the psytrance crew from upstate New York, Radial Engine Tribe. His love for forest music and darker styles of psytrance really started to expand. In 2014 he made his way down to Asheville, where he connected with the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi family. There he learned how to create sounds and dive deep into the world of music production. Baba Bubo incorporates many natural sounds into his music giving you the feeling that you are one with Mother Earth. He also mixes a variety of psychedelic music but specializes in Forest and Dark Psychedelic Trance.



Asheville, NC
TOUCH Samadhi

Set (Seth Chapman) first got turned on to electronic music back in 1988 with the sounds of Acid-house. Moving to S. Florida in the early 90’s, he became involved in the blossoming Industrial music scene. In 2000 he went to his first psytrance party, and was hooked ever since. Today, Set is fully devoted to furthering the psytrance scene in anyway possible. With sounds ranging from deep dark progressive, to hard hitting full-on, Set is ready to cause chaos on any dance floor.



Asheville, NC
T.O.U.C.H Samadhi

Over the past years, Zenssie has been developing his dj sets full of deep energetic, mystic melodies and spacey ambient futuristic sounds. Representing a mix of twilight and forest/ hi-tech Psy trance.
He has been producing his own music and loves to spend time at his spacestudio where he works on crazy breaks, smoothly changing basslines and sci-fi atmospheres.



Psychedelic techno/ dark prog
Berne, Indiana

PsyZombie was resurrected into the PsyTrance scene near the land of Asheville in the summer of 2010 by the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Tribe indigenous to that region. After 5 years of feasting on festivals in the North East, PsyZombie is venturing out for fresh meat. With occasional chirps of encouragement from a certain Krikett, he has been avidly searching for enlightenment and stellar tunes to convert more psychedelic zombies to the funky sound that is Psychedelic Trance. That journey has brought him to a !)feas… Uhh… I mean FESTIVAL near you. Come join the swamp minons!!!!!!



Psychedelic Downtempo, Uptempo Psymbient.
Illinois / Greece

Spiridon Tr. is an Electronic Music Producer ,Dj And Multi instrument player.
Born in 1989, in Chicago, he grew up in a musicians family. His mother a well known & talented traditional singer influenced him a lot from his very early age. His house, always filled with many musicians from various genres of music, allowed him to experience and learn a wide variety of sounds and Instruments.
At a very early age he started collecting music (Cds & Tapes) and at the age of eight he started piano lessons.
At the age of 12 he started listening to Psytrance and Electronic Music and at the age of 15 he started playing Guitar and Bass in Punk rock Bands , performing various Lives while releasing Diy Music. His First Steps in Electronic Music Production was at the age of 16, when he started producing various styles of electronic music (Glitch -Psytrance-Dark Psy-Psy Ambient-Hip Hop-Soundtrack- Electronica Post-Downtempo) .
In 2007 he started participating and assisting with the management of Music Festivals, Diy Lives and Parties, for many musical scenes.
During 2009 He Started Djing Psytrance & Ambient in Squads, Private Parties, Events & Festivals, later focusing mainly on his Psybient sound.
Over the past few years he has travelled around the globe with his music and has performed at several well known festivals in Europe sharing the same stage with the biggest names of the Psybient-Downtempo scene.
He is looking forward to explore new locations around the world, while continuing the long journey of his musical mission.
In 2015 he relocated from Greece where he was living the past 20 years and moved back to his birthplace, where he continues spreading his musical frequencies.
He emphasizes the journey that music gifts him , Music from your Heart & Soul not music for Drugs & Money.


A Pale Void

Live Modular Synthesis
Pure Perception
Asheville, NC




Deep dubstep (chill stage) / full-on (main stage)
TOUCH Samadhi

Herbivore is a strange but friendly mutant lifeform from the near future. His time machine arrived in the late Nineties, just in time to play classic ambient and trance music for a room full of bewildered college students. Although he is indistinguishable from those around him, on a cellular level he is believed to be composed of tofu, comic books, and old vinyl records. Herbivore has mixed numerous styles of electronic music over the years, guided by an insatiable desire for novelty and a pathetically short attention span. When deejaying trance, his sets focus on upbeat tunes with flavors of classic Goa trance; alternately, his dubstep sets tend to focus on spacey, deep, bass-heavy music at the intersection of ambient, dub reggae, and jungle.
Music link: https://www.mixcloud.com/herbivore/



Goa, PsyChill
Suntrip Records, Digitally Imported, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Pangea Productions

DJ Shoom is an age old alchemist and follower of the Moon and Goddess Earth. Spinning the goa psychedelic vibrations for the purpose of opening the minds of others and bringing them back to Nature. To captivate the energy of the dancers and propel them into the ecstatic trance dance state. Activist for the planet and militant for the causes of freedom from the oppressors.
Shoom began mixing Goa & Psytrance in 2004, guesting weekly on WKNC 88.1 FM in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he was able to hone his skills of mixing live and spontaneous. Shoom soon began to record mixes for Digitally Imported Radio’s Goa-Psy Trance Channel. His mixes combined depth and focus to create full length audio journeys that told meaningful stories. In 2008 Shoom took over Program Director duties of Digitally Imported Radio’s Goa-Psy Trance Channel. A few years later he created their PsyChill and Progressive Psy Channels. He organizes the popular Summer and Winter Solstice Events on the Goa-Psy Trance and PsyChill Channels that feature top acts from around the world. In early 2013 he joined Suntrip Records as a label DJ.



Goa Trance
T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Digitally Imported

Bloodwing hails from the depths of the Underworld, where dark caverns are filled with petrified crystal forests. Witch-queen of the faerie folk, and with the blood of an ancient lineage, she plays the hypnotic sounds of goa music. Her legendary song-spells kindle the magick of the forest and release the sacred spirits of our ancestors.
Bloodwing’s first dose of the Goa Psychedelic was with scraps of music she found on the internet. When the music found her soul, she passionately learned the art of DJing and began to mix on WKNC 88.1 FM alongside Shoom. Her intricate mixing weaves together a mosaic of sounds that create an imaginative space. She selects the finest of the Old School and brings them back into the light.
Many parties, raves, and shows later she helps direct on the Goa-Psy, PsyChill, Progressive Psy, Psybient, and Dark Psytrance channels on Digitally Imported Radio. She is always prepared to give a serious Goa mindswirl to all who dare listen.
Music link: https://www.mixcloud.com/bloodwing/


Spice Rapture

Psytrance (Full-On)

Spice Rapture is a Psytrance DJ, predominantly playing full-on, but also dabbling in progressive, and psydub styles. Drawing upon influences from his early days listening to Acid House, Techno, and Trance, Spice Rapture moved more into to the psychedelic and tribal genres as he matured as a DJ. Spice Rapture has played at festivals, including Touch Samadhi’s Equinox, Pangea, Transformus, Asheville Full Moon Gatherings, Zenergy, Lurchfest, among others, as well as various venues and parties, primarily around his hometown Asheville, NC, including Timo’s House, The One Stop, Scandals, Boiler Room, among others. He’s honored to have shared the festival bill with such talents as Menog, Zentrix, Drumatik, Kri Samadhi, Coral, Krikett, Primordial Ooze, Labyr1nth, Medisin, Nod, Madhatter, Aligning Minds, Annunaki, Terrestrial Sound, Sensoma, CollectiveOne, and many more. Spice Rapture’s purpose as a DJ is to help people achieve a zen-like state on the dance floor where they are in the peak state of mind, unifying their body, their mind, the music, and the space around them, as to bring forth their inner essence and let it flow throughout space and time.


Sanguine Mandragoa

Goa Chill, Goa-Psy Trance
Pangea Productions, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi

A force of nocturnal debauchery and pleasures of the flesh. We assault the senses so we can override the metaprogramming implanted in the minds of the people. Witch and warlock, goddess and shaman, the dual forces of elemental chaos. For long have we been contained against our will, for so long have we been forced into a servitude that we never wished for. But no more, hark and gather for the time has come. Sanguine Mandragoa revealed as their true beings. Shoom and Bloodwing unleash their essence. A sound that will shake the Earth and awake the Pagan Gods from their deep slumber.
Sanguine Mandragoa is a collaborative DJ project of Shoom and Bloodwing. With their uncanny ability of reading each other’s minds they are able to put together epic, impromptu tag-team mixes. Often fueled by the chaos of the natural world, their mixes melt together between the harder, faster acid-driven Goa and the darker side of Psytrance. A combination of sounds that often leave the dancefloor in a state of psychedelic awareness.



Greenville, NC
Nalij Productions

Dragram (Nalij Productions Greenville, NC; Tri-Psy Raleigh NC; T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Asheville, NC) has been
playing electronic music for a decade. Trained as a percussionist and participant in jazz ensembles, raised in the
Atlanta and N.C. drum and bass scenes resulting in a very eclectic taste. From deep ambient and glorious psychill to
full on and deep forest, this is not a dj to be missed.



Psytrance (main)
psychill/downtempo (second)
Hillsborough, NC

Ama-Gi started as just a kid with an obsession with music. Starting with drums and guitar. Ama-Gi was forged in metal, but transformed by psychedelic music. Like a mad scientist had to learn more and experiment with sound after discovering in a life changing moment Shpongle. Eventually, G.M.S. , Infected Mushroom (older stuff), Astral Projection and many others led Ama-Gi deeper into psychedelic music. Ama-Gi’s decent into the underground and ascension to the art of DJing started in a way no one believed in at first. Going from samplers with a good ear, to being lucky enough to try other DJ methods Ama-gi has learned to DJ and work with the dance floor. Now with a drive to help people dance and lose themselves to the music, Ama-Gi comes forth from the shadows to play and dance. Now it’s time for Ama-Gi to show what they can do.

Children 13 and under are permitted free entry as long as they are with a parent. Children 14-17 do need to purchase a ticket, and will be admitted ONLY with a parent.


Start: 23 September 2018
End: 25 September 2018

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Type Open-air
Country United States of America



101 Watagnee Trail
Horse Shoe, NC United States

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