Dance of The Einherjar 2016

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Dance of The Einherjar 2016

Dance of The Einherjar
Atrium Obscurum’s Annual Summer Festival

Hello fellow travelers. It’s been a long odyssey since we began walking the road with this community so many years past. Last year, many of those dear to us in this family reached the end of their road in this life and started a new journey. We have known much pain and grief for our loved ones who have started their new quest. Alas, where there is death, there is also life, and those who have died are never truly gone as long as we remember them in our hearts.
The Norse people called those who’ve lived good lives and who’ve passed “Einherjar”, which means “the Honored Dead”. They live forever in the halls of the Gods, in Folkvangr with Freyja, and in Valhalla with Odin. Every day and night they celebrate; drinking, feasting, fighting, and loving each other as they watch over and protect their mortal descendants.
This summer we invite you to celebrate those honored dead. Celebrate their lives and memories with us in a revelry that will shake the gates of Valhalla! Come and join in the Dance of The Einherjar!


Sound Providers – Psychedelic Music Line-up

OCELOT – (USA/Portugal) Avatar – Vertigo – Dropout – Moon – Koradji
The oCeLoT project began in the year 2000 and has been heard rocking dancefloors in over 50 countries on festivals and parties worldwide. A discography of 9 albums and over 150 singles ranges from chillout and ambient music through all stages of trance from daytime and morning sounds until the deepest night. Aaron Peacock (oCeLoT) has produced electronic music since 1993. oCeLoT music is characterized by a driving energy, a rich range of sounds, intelligent progressions, and a constant evolution in themes. Never boring, often iconoclastic, it pushes you into a higher state of consciousness.

Cosmic Grow – (Mexico) Freak Records

Yoshua EM – (Mexico) Discordia Crew – Anomalistic Records

Yoshua Em was born from one of the minds behind the project called black dreamz. Yoshua started producing music experimenting with sounds and different environments to find the psychedelic sound. In 2013 he started to produce under the names of Yoshua Em and recent projects Inugami (feat psybastian) and 7 Lunas(Ambient / downtempo)

DragRam – (New York) Touch Samadhi

DragRam traces his roots in music back to a very early age. His connection with electronic music began in the Atlanta and North Carolina Drum and Bass scenes in the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s. It is in the early 2000’s he was introduced to the Psy scene at T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi’s legendary festivals in southern Appalachia.

DragRam began mixing all forms of Psychedelic music shortly thereafter as one half of the Dreaming Dragons duo along with Goadream, and has been a regular performer at the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Equinox festival as well as Digitally Imported Radio’s Goa-Psy and Psychill channels.

DragRam’s down-tempo, psychill, and ambient sets are lush, subtle, and glorious. His progressive, full-on, and forest sets are rhythmic, driving, and deeply psychedelic.

Dragram (Nalij Productions Greenville, NC; Tri-Psy Raleigh NC; T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Asheville, NC) has been playing electronic music for a decade. Trained as a percussionist and participant in jazz ensembles, raised in the Atlanta and N.C. drum and bass scenes resulting in a very eclectic taste. From deep ambient and glorious psychill to full on and deep forest, this is not a dj to be missed.

A DragRam set is undeniable and not one to be missed.

Ekimskrid – (Iowa) Samana Records – Anomalistic Records

The man stared. Five crystal cubes were melting in a pool of fire as his eyes widened with joy. The flames towered over him in response to his sacrifice, pushing his tired body to the ground. He had been trapped in these woods for an eternity, scouring the dirt for five powerful artifacts in desperate attempts for knowledge. Ancient legends had led his soul on a path towards almost certain insanity, but finally his journey ended under the roars of an ancient portal covered in vines. The cubes disappeared into the earth and the flames vanished. Above, the moon shattered the darkness around him with a shining, welcoming light. From the glistening doorway, Ekimskrid emerged with a powerful grin.

The thick forest around them glowed violently, laughing and chanting as the ritual commenced. The strange figure leaned towards the adventurer and chattered frequencies into the air, creating a brilliant symphony of pure, passionate sound. As the trees danced amongst the birth of new vibrations, the powerful being reached out his hand and said, “come, let me take you on a journey”.

You, reader, listener, and friend, are that traveler through Ekimskrids land. Here, you will discover the unknown, expanding your mind with incredibly engulfing sound worlds hand-crafted just for you. The opportunity that lies before you is the result of extreme dedication and hard work from a talented and unique individual. If you take the time to listen, you will gladly want to stay in this incredible, new reality. Close your eyes or get up and dance, a completely different experience awaits…

Goadream – (Greenville , NC) Touch Samadhi – Pangea productions

SamYaza – (San Francisco California) Anomalistic Records

Aeon – (Dallas Texas) Astral Tribe – Atrium Obscurum

Co-founder of Astral Tribe, Dallas’s first Psytrance crew and esteemed Dj of Universal Mind Productions,aeon Aeon continues to bring diversities of intoxicating harmonies to dance floors, now sixteen years from his humble beginnings with D1, Full Circle, and Eye 2 Eye productions.

His style can hardly be confined to a describable medium, so the idea of bodies of illumination moving through an endless twilight, though close to accurate, is still an understatement to the true and brilliant movement of coherences that takes place. Playing alongside of some of the most influential legends of trance from “Rabbit in the Moon” to “Shpongle” Aeon displays a full power tribal elegance intermixed with dirty acid drenched soundscapes designed to elevate the peak time dance floor to frenzied levels.

In the past two years Aeon has been focusing his time in the studio where he demonstrates his long time proficiency for digital sound design and incorporates it with his diverse knowledge of music theory. Now a proud member of the Atrium Obscurum family, Aeon is excited to be working with such a great collection of talented and energetic people.

Alchemystar – (Dallas Texas) Atrium Obscurum

Herbert Quain – (Austin Texas) Absolute Shit

Herbert Quain has over a decade of experience in the psytrance community as a dj, event organizer, producer,, and orchestrator of the Absolut Shit label. His dj sets are composed of tracks that are unique and experimental, but also designed for worldwide psytrance floors.

J-5 – (Dallas Texas) Atrium Obscurum

Haunted by a vision and driven by a dream, Jonny ­ who DJs under the Johnny name J5 ­ has been pursuing a vision ever since it first was experienced on Halloween night, 2001. The journey has been a long and winding one, and at times the path all but disappeared, but was never completely lost.
At the present moment, you can find him spinning music spanning a multitude of genres, but it is his intention, regardless of the genre, that the music possesses elements which are centered around rich harmonies and varying degrees of engaging melodies, all with the intended purpose of helping the listener experience a connection with their heart consciousness and transcend their constrictive realities. Whether that experience is achieved is unknown to him, but at the very least he hopes to provide an auditory environment that is for the most part fun and enjoyable. While at times it may get intense and challenging for some, he will always do what he can to bring it back to a place of relative resolution.
From downtempo rhythmic grooves to the fast moving, chugging basslines of high­energy psytrance and everything in between, J5 will do his best to provide a musical soundscape custom tailored for the present moment.

Klapton – (Dallas Texas) Atrium Obscurum

lx Lattice – (Oklahoma) Atrium Obscurum

Mahesh – (San Antonio Texas)

Nivlem – (Austin Texas) FYB

RoboJoe – (Dallas Texas) Atrium Obscurum

The very time I heard electronic music I knew that I wanted it to be apart of my life in a big way. robojoeSo at the age of 20 I decided to pursue my dream and become a DJ. Over the years friends introduced me to many different genres of music and I fell in love with hard dance. Now 10 years later I have gotten to play at numerous clubs, headline in other cities and have opened and closed for major artists from all over. My styles include a variety of genres such as psytrance , hard trance , hardstyle , drum & bass , freeform, industrial , breaks , techno , house & retroclash. So be on the lookout for one of my sets cause I may be in your city

Uhm – (Dallas Texas) Atrium Obscurum

Vampyromorpha – (Austin Texas) Shiva Shakti

VuDuJuju – (Dallas Texas) Atrium Obscurum

Upon discovering the rave scene in Dallas Texas in 2004, VuDuJuJu was instantly struck by electronic dance music and knew that sheVuDuJuJu wanted to become a Disc Jockey. After acquiring her first set of turntables at the early age of 14, she developed a passion for vinyl and turntablism using sample records and older music, and trance and in turn discovering the fast natures of Hard House/ trance and Dnb.

Through the last few years her taste in dance music began evolving. VuDuJuJu began to get down with some genres such as funk/disco house, minimal, electro, and old school breaks. By the year 2008, VuDuJuJu finally gave in to CDj’s and discovered that some of the bpm’s of progressive psytrance were very similar to that of hard trance developing a fascination for Goa trance, Progressive and Full-on psytrance. Having been a Dj for 8 years now, VuDuJuJu enjoys every minute of being able to provide not only sounds for people to enjoy but an experience for people to remember, and making the most from it.


Dome Line-up

Groovecluster- (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Groovecluster is a psychedelic jamtronica act founded by guitarist Jackson Diner in 2008. Since then, the music has evolved in ways which often defy categorization, due in no small part by the addition of keyboardist Zora McBride in 2013. The duo seamlessly blends elements of mid-tempo bass music, progressive rock, ambient, electro, and even the avant-garde. They are currently working on their fifth studio album.

James Meadows- (Dallas, Texas)

Josh Kynd- (Dallas, Texas)

Klinz Pinealiens- (Tyler, Texas)
Since the year 1996 the DJ known as Klinz (pronounced Cleanse) has had an obsession with otherworldly electronic music. From the moment he first heard the swooshes of Ambient, the spiraling melodies of Goa Trance, and the chopped up rhythms of Jungle he was hooked. For the last 15 years Klinz has been consistently melting dance floors. Originally mixing Jungle/DnB in the beginning (2001) and progressing to Dubstep/Glitch Hop around 2007. He now plays a variety of psychedelic tribal infused bass music. Combining his love for psychedelic sounds and bass driven music he found his true calling. From chill rooms to dusty dance floors you can find him smiling and grooving through his set.

OCELOT – (USA/Portugal) Avatar Records
Special Downbeat Set

Sick Numbles
Hi there! Im Nick. Im addicted to super engulfing psychedelic music made by tiny forest gnomes on the planet zargax, and that is exactly what I enjoy playing. I have been DJing since 2010 while producing ambient music on the side. I want to help people discover the extensive wonders of digital soundscapes. Expect an adventurous portion of psychedelic electronica, including Psytrance, Drum n Bass, Glitch, IDM, Forest, and more. I like piecing together the works of talented producers from all over the world into one, awesome journey. Enjoy the ‘Sick’ beats, drops, gooey, melty stuff. Whatever the cool kids are calling it these days… whatever, LETS DANCE!!
Oh, and I throw festivals in Arkansas known as “Flux” with a group of hyper astral wizards. I’m the co-founder, or something like that.

SublingualSoundsystem- (Dallas, Texas) Atrium Obscurum

Scott Stanely- (Dallas, Texas)

@ॐ- (Austin, Texas)


Visual Artists…..

eNdo (Stimulate Productions – El Paso Texas)

eNdo (Eric Galindo) is a multimedia artist from Denver, Colorado who has been conjuring unique video art and projecting over dancefloors across North America for over ten years. His distinct recipes for creating original beat-driven video art are continually being refined to raise vibrations and engage your visual senses. Having been a long time student in the arts of video alchemy, eNdo utilizes the latest digital technologies to create highly immersive visuals designed to take your mind on an inter-dimensional journey across the infinite realms of the the space-time continuum and beyond the invisible landscape. Connecting ancient esoteric imagery and symbolism with visions of the technological singluarity, eNdo’s art sheds light on the ever evolving landscape of the human imagination. Seamlessly morphing organics, metaphysical imagery and hyperactive data visualizations are just a small sample of the visuals that you can expect. Recently, eNdo has been using his creative skills to produce visionary art by taking his motion graphics and solidifying them down into still images.

YouTube –

Vimeo –

Facebook –

Etsy –


Live Painters…..

Chance Roberts

The simple act of being is something often taken for granted, but there is magic to be found in everything and all people have an inner light waiting to be revealed. I use art to pay tribute to the powerful souls who have impacted me in my life, and portray them in their element. Sometimes the work is loose and unplanned done in a live setting of a festival or concert or often times countless hours with a small brush in the studio is required. Mixing portraiture, historical archetypes, mysticism and a dash of psychedelia and flow my artwork is how I make sense of being human. Translating reality into paint helps me not only relate to my subjects more, but it often reveals hidden intricacies of my own psyche that I would have never known prior. Life is an opportunity to create meaning, and through creating things I have found substance. I leave behind these future artifacts to pay tribute to the beautiful humans I have known and loved.

Kat Kosmos
My art is an expression of my personal interpretation of the fleeting essence of life as a way to accept its transitory nature and to celebrate the beauty of all its paradoxes. My current body of work consists of symbols from the natural world, stylized figures both feminine and androgynous, anthropomorphism of animals, insects & flora in an effort to communicate to the viewer the urgency of embracing the ephemeral moment. I paint in an Old Master technique in oils/egg tempera and create fantasy/scifi illustrations in watercolor pen/ink. Currently based out of San Antonio, TX.

Wanderweird Art

WANDERWEIRD has been travelling across the United States for the past few years, broadcasting his unique frequency from music venues, festivals, and the sidewalks of his favorite cities. He has recently finished his first book, a narrative illustrated trip set in the geometric thoughtscape of his drawings called REMEMBER, which he hopes will reprogram the collective consciousness of humanity. You can read the entire thing free of charge on his website:


Dance Of The Forager

“To forage and exercise the wisdom or our collective Ægis is our birthright — yet it is an ability which has slumbered in much of humunaity these past decades and centuries. Today we are seeing a rising interest in this ancient practice of nourishing our bodies, minds, and souls. Yes, the wild growing things can nourish us in ways the cultivated cannot. ~Come remember this ancient art form and get turned on again by eating just the same as you breathe… Isaac Clay, avid forager and budding herbalist, will lead this walk into reviving the knowledge of wild edibles and medicinals.”

Flow Arts Playshop with Sarah Spirals & SubLingual SoundSystem

We would like to extend a play-date invitation to all who spin, spiral, twirl, and whirl. Join us at the dome as we dance for our beloveds who have passed into the great beyond.

Please bring whatever skill toys you’re practicing with; some props will be provided. See you there!

Playshop [pley-shop] n. : opportunity to play and learn at the same time.:

Find us on FB:

Visit our website:

Paradigm Shift vs. Apocalypse: How to Immanentize the Eschaton Properly

Collectively speaking, our “way of life” as we have started living it during the past century or so is not sustainable. It should be obvious to anyone who takes the time to look that a DRAMATIC change is inevitable – it’s not a question of “if,” only “when.” And, more importantly, “how.”

At our current rate, if we do nothing, one could easily imagine life on earth being reduced to a mere few hundred thousand people, perhaps within our own lifetime, living in a way that makes the Dark Ages look like the Renaissance.

Many blame “science” and “technology,” but these are just tools… and the outcome of the use of any tool is based on the skill and intent of the user. No tool in and of itself is “good” or “evil.” When used for selfish gain, instant gratification, etc., without thought for the end result, of course the outcome of using these tools will have undesirable effects. But we can also use science and technology, with perhaps just a touch of magic (you decide where the boundary lies), as tools to repair the damage done to our planet, awaken the zombified masses who watch “reality TV” instead of living their own reality, and get everyone working together to heal the earth so we can have a planet worth leaving to our grandchildren.

It’s not lack of time or energy… if people put half the time, $ and energy into healing the earth as they do into watching people chase balls across fields, we could be living in paradise instead of hell on earth (nothing against sports but come on people, let’s get our priorities straight here)!

Please join us for an interactive discussion on ways we can work together to catalyze the paradigm shift necessary to ensure a sustainable, enjoyable way for us all to get back in tune with ourselves, the earth, and the life force that flows through all things. Unless, of course, you can think of something more important…

Contort The Body, Unwind the Mind

Yoga with Kristina Marie

Please bring your yoga mat, and perhaps a tapestry to put underneath it so that you do not have to get your mat dirty, and/or roll around in the dirt…. unless of course you’re into that…then by all means…. roll in the dirt.

Nothing says wisdom quite like the yogic tradition. Having roots that go back at least as far as 5,000 years, yoga is a science that blends physics with metaphysics; the two are inseparable, tried and true. More than postures; yoga offers us a method through which, with consistent practice, we are able to steady our mental waves in order to harness the power of one pointed focus and concentrate our attention on Ultimate Reality.

Join me on Saturday to traverse a tradition that contorts the body in order to unwind the mind.
Infinite Love & Gratitude.
For More Information Visit Kristina Marie @

Didge Camp with Sonic Alchemy

I have been playing and working with the didgeridoo for close to Twenty years. I originally picked up the
didge to help with some lung issues I was dealing with and also for meditation purposes.
Back then there wasn’t much info available to assist in the learning process so I just did what felt right
and left it at that. My purpose in bringing “Didge Camp” to people today is to assist in their learning proccess
and open up the possibilities of this simple yet complex instrument.

Although the Dideridoo has earned a reputation for its use in meditation and ambiant sound scapes, there has
been recent research in its applicaiton treating Sleep Apnea and cronic Snoring.

This Class will be for anyone who wants to learn how to get the basic Drone “Didge Sound”, Basic Circular
Breathing and some great tips to create rhythm with simple breathing exercises.

No experience necessery, just an open mind and patience. Oh yea, if you have a didge bring it.
I will have some practice didges and pipe to play with.

Brian “Sonic Alchemy”


Food vendor confirmed! Details coming soon…


Kid’s “Wonder Land” Zone…

Attention parents & guardians! Bring your little radiant star-child[ren] to enjoy a cozy cosmic area full of entertainment, open canvases, games, laughter and BOUNCE!!

Delight in nature’s gifts of sound with found objects & unique musical instruments. Bounce till your little heart bursts from so much excitement. Put your creative energies to the test with our arts & crafts area. Explore your inner imagination with our cozy reading nook.

Please keep in mind this is an outdoor setting, will we will have staff members to monitor the area & supplies however, it is still your job to pay mind & keep a watchful eye on your wee-ones.


Armadillo Acres (Hughes Springs, TX)

For detailed directions go to
Armadillo Acres offers lush greens, wild berries, thick wooded areas, and enough creatures to shake a stick at. There’s an abundant of room for camping, over 200 acres of land to explore, a fresh water stream for taking a refreshing dip, as well as quick access to grocery and hardware stores. Please visit their website for pictures of the land to get informational updates about the venue.

Located 10 minutes driving distance from the venue is Daingerfield State Park. This park has a man-made lake for swimming. Entry to the park is $3/per adult.


Camping info…

Armadillo Acres is what you might call primitive camping. There aren’t any electrical outlets, built-in grills, or showers. Please plan accordingly.

This is a 100% Leave No Trace gathering. Please pack out what you pack in, and be proactive towards keeping your campsite clean. For more info regarding Leave No Trace please visit

If you are a smoker then please deposit your butts in a reusable tin or your back pocket. No fires are allowed unless you are using a burn barrel which is available upon request.


What to bring….

Water – 2 gallons per day/per person
Reusable cup from home for community water
Trash bags
Toilet Paper
Paper-towels/wet wipes/toilet paper
Towel for swimming
First aid kit
Change of shoes/socks
Cash for food/vending
Hula hoops/poi
Tent/blanket/pillow/air mattress/chairs
Canopy/tarp to cover your tent – keeps it cooler in the sun & dry if it rains
Yoga mat for the yoga classes


How to participate…

As always we are going to be building an altar as a place with which to focus the energy of the weekend. We encourage everyone to bring something to place on the altar – crystals, flowers, pictures; anything that has positive energy in it. Whether it’s from the earth or from you doesn’t matter. What matters is the intent.

Also take some time to develop an intention for the experience. Set your sights on what you would like to take away from it, and how that would make you feel. If you can put yourself in that feeling, then you are doing wonders for setting yourself up to be successful is seeing your intention through. We have been building positive energy into this weekend long experience for a long while. Please take the time to make the most of it.


Gate Hours…

The front gate will open be open on Friday from 12PM (noon) – 2AM. Saturday the gate will be open from 12PM-12AM. DO NOT, and we stress, DO NOT show up after gate hours. The main gate will be locked, and no one will be present to let you in until possibly noon.

Ins/Outs will be allowed only Saturday during the hours of 12PM-7PM. If you return after 7PM you will be charged a $10 fee per person to re-gain entry, so be sure to be back by 7PM 😀


Age & Cost…

18+ with valid photo ID under 18 allowed when accompanied by a legal guardian, and we do mean accompanied. Phone-in or written permission is not sufficient.

$50 – for all weekend
$45 – for Saturday only
$20- Children 10-17 with legal guardian
Free- Infants-10

If you have any questions, then please email Atrium Obscurum at

**Disclaimer: We are in no way liable for anything stemming from or relating to contact, in any manner, with aliens, machine elves, or cross-dimensional beings of any sort. Contact only happens through free will; it has nothing to do with us.

June 03 2019


Start: June 3
End: June 5

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Dance of The Einherjar

Armadillo Acres
Hughes Springs, TX United States

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